Wednesday, June 01, 2011


I was all set to ride up to the BMW dealer at Cape Girardeau, Mo., this morning.

I suited up and threw three Ebay items into my saddlebag to mail from the post office.

wtf After dispatching my Ebay sales, I returned to the bike, put in my in-ear monitors, pulled on helmet and gloves and fired up the bike. I didn’t notice whether the warning lights flashed at start-up because I was busy fiddling with my GPS, laying in a course for Cape Girardeau and thinking about lunch at the White Castle there.

But when I pulled onto U.S. 49B, heading north, I realized the two previously flashing lights were dark.


So I rode around awhile to see if they would come on again. I’m at Seattle Grind in Jonesboro now, having abandoned my trip plan –at least for today.

BMW friend Charlie called yesterday to ask if I could pick up a part for him from the Cape dealer, but it may turn out that I don’t need to make the trip if the lights stay dark.

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