Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Plumbing problem solved


Terry Guest with ABC Plumbing showed up last evening and solved the mystery of the dead outdoor faucet.

After confirming that water wasn’t leaking from a broken pipe by checking the water meter, he determined the problem was a malfunction in the Nidal Vacuum Breaker, seen here on another of our outdoor faucets.

This appliance, which sells for about $40, is designed to protect hose connections from contamination where freezing temperatures are expected. Considering that we never had anything like this in frigid Indiana, it seems a bit of overkill that the builder put them on all of our outside faucets.

I suspect I over-torqued the unit in question when I attempted to fit it with a dog-watering attachment and the fractured internal valve finally went to pieces this week.

The oddly made locking screw had to be undone with a pair of needle-nose pliers, but once removed, the faucet works perfectly.

And he didn’t charge us for the service. What a guy. What a company. Their business card has a permanent place on our refrigerator door.


Carmella Vancil said...

This is quite a simple plumbing problem, which is why the plumbing company didn’t charge you anything for their service. In fact, if you had the basic know-how with regards to plumbing, you could have probably fixed the problem yourself. But it’s still a good thing you called them to find out what’s wrong. The vacuum breaker is usually attached onto a bibcock valve to prevent water from flowing back towards the public drinking water system. It’s a very important piece because it is practically the only barrier preventing contamination caused by the flowing back of water.

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Elia Lester said...

It’s a good thing that you hired a plumber to deal with this matter, though the fix was just easy. Glad he did not charge you any service fee even though his little time and effort were used. That’s a good plumber!

Darryl Iorio said...

Plumbing companies, like the one you hired, are quite rare. Not all plumbing companies could do a simple service without a charge, considering that the plumber also exerted an effort to visit your place and check the problem. I can say that this company is one of those trustworthy plumbing companies out there. I’m certain that this is the type of plumber you would seek the next time any plumbing issue should arise. ->Milani Plumbing Drainage & Heating