Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Hi-Viz Camelbak

I’ve used a CamelBak hydration system every summer for more than a decade and think they’re absolutely essential for hot weather riding.
Being able to sip water as I ride is a far better way to stay hydrated, which means I stay mentally sharp and physically more comfortable, than chugging a bottle of water or Gatorade every three hours or so at gas stops.
My current CamelBak has a 60 ounce capacity. I bought it from an outdoor outfitter in Silverthorne, Colo. to replace a smaller CamelBak that I couldn’t find when I was packing for a ride to the Colorado high country in August, 2007. (I still haven’t found it.)
It’s served me well, especially last summer on a crazy hot July ride from San Simeon, Calif., through the Central Valley of California and the Mojave Desert to my son’s house in Las Vegas.
Summer started early here in northeast Arkansas and it got me thinking fieldsheer jacketabout staying hydrated on the bike and off. It also got me wondering if CamelBak makes a hydration system to color match my Fieldsheer Hi-Viz mesh riding jacket.
Yes, they do.
The Hi-Viz CamelBak has retroflective accents and a 70 ounce capacity – 14 percent more than the one I’ve been using.
I shopped around on the internet and found it as cheap as $39.99, but when you add the shipping cost, it ends up way more than the $50 price I got on Amazon.com with free 2-day shipping.
So I ordered one and Amazon.com says I’ll have it sometime Thursday. How cool is that?

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