Thursday, June 09, 2011

Suzi Barrett for SNL

I wrote a very brief blogpost back in March noting that Suzi Barrett is the name barrett_suzitwoof the actress who plays the sarcastic girl in the Esurance insurance commercials.
If you Google her name, my blogpost comes up second, right after her Facebook page.
As a consequence, Google searches for “Suzi Barrett” now constitute something like 90-95 percent of the hits my blog gets every day.
I have no idea how my casual mention of her name shot me to the top of the Google search rankings, but there it is.
Here’s a brief biography from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre web site:
Originally from Michigan, Suzi got her degree in theatre at Western Michigan University, then moved to Chicago where she studied improv at The Second City and io. From there, she headed to Amsterdam, and spent 3 years performing with Boom Chicago-- or as the Dutch often call it-- "De Chicago Boom Boom." A member of the UCBTLA community since 2006, Suzi has studied with Matt Besser and Ian Roberts, and makes frequent appearances in "Worst Laid Plans,""Soundtrack," and "the line in the bathroom at Birds." She also tours the country with the UCB tourco, and plays weekly with the greatest improv team in the universe: Sentimental Lady.
Hometown: Rochester Hills, MI
She has a helluva following and I hereby nominate her for inclusion in next season’s Saturday Night Live cast.

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I'll totaly secound that!!