Monday, October 23, 2017


For the first time since Aug. 11, I have computer access to the Internet.

And, wonder of wonders, I have crazy-fast fiber optic Internet. Who could have imagined such a thing in this little town of 1,520?

Our computer savvy neighbor told me about Metronet and their fabulous speed when I complained about the pathetic performance we were getting from Frontiernet.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

The right tool for the job makes everything easy

After much frustration and swearing, we gave up trying to cut baseboard trim with a hand saw and a miter box and went to Menards where we bought a Hitachi compound miter saw with laser. Suddenly, the job became ridiculously easy.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

New specs

I picked up my new glasses yesterday afternoon at the Lafayette (Ind.) Meijer store and notified my eye doc that I'm ready to proceed with cataract surgery.

Everyone tells me it's a breeze and my vision isn't that it used to be, so why not?

I need to be without contact lenses for at least two weeks prior to the evaluation and surgery and my old glasses have vanished in the move, so I spent $150 on a pair that I plan to wear less than a month.

The really good news is that Medicare covers 100 per cent of cataract surgery.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Got him!

We were eating dinner in the kitchen last evening when Maria noticed a mouse scurrying along the base of the sink and dishwasher.

Maria hates mice like I hate snakes, so I promptly drove down to Menard's in Lebanon and bought a four-pack of Chinese-made mousetraps.

We baited them with peanut butter and arrayed them around the base of the cabinets.

We heard a snap a few hours later, but the trap was empty when I checked it.

However, our luck improved at 9:50 a.m. today. I heard the trap snap as I walked into the kitchen and saw a motionless mouse caught by the foot. It was hardly a mortal injury and I guessed the mouse was either playing possum or in shock.

Either way, I picked him up by the trap and dropped him into a trash can with a secure lid to be picked up tomorrow morning with the rest of our trash.

I suspect there will be more mice. They start looking for new homes this time of year when the fields are harvested and the weather turns chilly. This 114-year-old house doubtless has lots of places where mice can get in, no matter how diligent we are about stuffing holes with steel wool.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Taking care of loose ends

It's still a struggle to get motorcycles out of our shed because of the upward slope to the loose gravel driveway - impossible to paddle walk. I did manage to get the K75S far enough out to make a loop through the back yard and onto the drive yesterday afternoon and go for about a six-mile ride. And, yes, it felt fabulous.

My camping gear continues to elude me, so it looks like I'll have to skip the Falling Leaf Rally in Potosi, Mo. this weekend. That was my last chance for a rally in 2017 - the price I paid for moving back to Indiana.

In the meantime, I have to figure out a way to load northeast U.S. regional maps to my memory-challenged Garmin Zumo 550.

But first, I had business to take care of this morning.

I finally got through to HSA Home Warranty, which had proven itself utterly useless in recent months, and canceled our account, thereby saving us $58.25 a month for the next 10 months. Their inability to respond to calls was a factor in our renters not being able to get things fixed in a timely manner.

And I just wrote a painfully large check to the Craighead County (Ark.) Tax Collector for our commercial building in Jonesboro. Please join us in praying that the building sells very soon.

Monday, October 09, 2017

Getting our driveway back

Last week's torrential rains caused the mounded dirt and gravel over our new sewer line to subside into a foot-deep canyon that effectively trapped the wheeled vehicles - two motorcycles and a mower - in the utility barn.

I called Batts Trucking this morning and here's Tracy about to grade the load of gravel he just dumped in the drive.

I love quick service like this!

Friday, October 06, 2017

Fencing - after seven weeks of leash-walking Jack and Dora

We moved back into our Thorntown house seven weeks ago today and for the past seven weeks have had to take our dogs out on leashes to do their business at all hours of the night and day.

I got out of bed at 2:45 a.m. today after Jack made it crystal clear that he needed to go out for a drink and a walk.

We tried to hire a guy from Lafayette to install a dog fence several weeks ago, but he refused to show up. (JT Fencing, if anyone cares.) Finally, I contracted with Lowe's to do a fence and the installation date was supposed to be yesterday. But it rained like a Mofo yesterday morning and the job got postponed indefinitely. I figured it would be Monday at the earliest.

So imagine my happiness when a fencing crew showed up in our driveway at 9:50 a.m. today.

At this writing, they have installed all of the posts and are about to add the cross-members and then the fabric and the gate.

I think the dogs sense something good is happening because they're not making a fuss about strangers on the property.

Monday, October 02, 2017


I was greatly relieved this morning when my son Steve, who frequently plays gigs on or near the Las Vegas Strip, reported he was safe in the wake of last night's bloody massacre.

Sadly, hundreds - including more than 50 dead - were wounded or injured.

Sunday, October 01, 2017


Slowly, but surely - and rather expensively - we're reclaiming our 114-year-old house after a decade of neglect and abuse by renters.

We bought a new gas grill a couple of weeks ago and I finally got around to assembling it early last week. It took me about three hours, but I seem to have gotten it right and I cooked steaks on it later in the week. The deck needs to be pressure washed and rehabilitated with a few new boards, but we now have a place to grill and dine on evenings when the weather is nice.

I picked up a Craftsman tool chest for $40 at a yard sale last weekend and emptied my various tool boxes into it. Now, I have a general idea where specific tools are, at least until they get used and misplaced.

A crew from Lowe's is coming this week to build a chain link fence enclosing about half of the back yard, which should give Jack and Dora much more freedom and let us sleep a little better.

Godspeed, Emily

We got word this morning that Emily, who was Steve and Nicky's dog for 18 years - predating granddaughter Lisa - has died. She was a great little dog with lots of heart and she had a very good life in the Flora house.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Both bikes are in the shed. Finally.

I picked up my 2003 BMW K1200GT from Falcone BMW in Indianapolis yesterday afternoon.

They determined the 10-month-old brand X battery from the Memphis BMW dealer was dead after five months in storage and installed a new BMW battery that, properly maintained, should last seven years.

Having dropped me off, Maria drove home. I found myself on West 16th Street in rush hour traffic.

I noticed traffic was heavy on I-65 when we drove into town and decided I-74 to Ind. 75 would be a less hectic ride. When I got onto Ind. 75 at the Jamestown exit, I realized why my Garmin Zumo 550 was telling me to go all the way to Crawfordsville to pick up U.S. 36 - the last time I updated the Zumo, I was contemplating riding to the BMWMOA Rally in Salt Lake City.

Since the Zumo has limited memory and can't store data for the whole country, I am forced to choose a specific region. I chose the Western region which does not include Indiana, hence the GPS database I was using did not show Ind. 75, which connects I-74 with Thorntown. Instead, it showed me riding through blank space through Advance and Dover to Thorntown.

The two bikes - sans saddlebags - fit snugly in the 12x12 shed along with the lawn tractor and other stuff. Maneuvering is tricky, but this will have to do until we can build a proper garage.

Thursday, September 28, 2017


The first sign that something was wrong came when we noticed our dishwasher wasn't getting our dishes clean.

We have very hard water, so a water softener is essential here in Thorntown.

I called Culligan and they sent Randy out to have a look at our softener. When he set it to cycle manually, water spurted out of the discharge hose.

It seems that when plumbers reconstructed all of our drainage pipes in the basement a couple of weeks ago, they forgot to reconnect the water softener discharge hose.

I called them this morning and they promised to send someone out today.

Way cheaper than the new water softener we almost bought.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Can 5 months of idleness kill a battery that's less than a year old?

I got a call late this afternoon from Falcone BMW Motorcycles saying they have determined my battery is dead.
I bought that battery last Nov. 19 at Performance Plus Specialists, the Memphis BMW dealership. It was less than a year old. The previous battery lasted five and a half years.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

I just spent a miserable hot (91 degrees) afternoon waiting for a wrecker driver to haul my BMW K1200GT from Jay Beery's place in Brownsburg to the BMW dealer in Indianapolis.
Jay provided space for my two bikes from April until now. I retrieved the K75S over the weekend, but the GT wouldn't start despite being on a battery charger for several hours. No sign of electrical activity at all.
I solicited help from my Indianapolis BMW Club friends and got offers of a couple of trailers but no volunteer assistance to help load, secure and unload the bike. Not feeling confident to do it myself, I called the American Motorcyclist Association's Road Service and arranged for a wrecker to be sent to the Beery home.
I waited about 90 minutes and when the wrecker arrived, the kid driving it said he was told it was a BMW car. He had never hauled a bike before and didn't have the equipment to secure and move it safely. By the time we discovered all of this, it was too close to closing time at the dealership to proceed with a new wrecker and new equipment.
So I resolved to try again tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Spot on!

Well, crap!

I finally got around to using the gift card I received from Steve and Nicky last week and ordered a pair of Celestron SkyMaster 20x80 binoculars that I've had a hankering for.

FedEx delivered them a few minutes ago, but they are damaged and will be returned via UPS this afternoon.

The left and right eyepieces are supposed to be held in place by a screw or shaft that runs up the central axis of the binoculars. But it is missing, making it possible to lift the eyepieces right off of the binos. WTF?

Monday, August 07, 2017

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Good stuff

The Amazon Vine Program sent me a can of Forcefield waterproofing to test.

I applied a couple of coats of the stuff to an old Land's End field jacket and tried it out in yesterday's downpour.

The rain beaded up nicely. Good stuff.

Monday, July 31, 2017


I noticed a Jeep on fire at the Brookland Citgo station as I drove to the post office this morning. The fire truck was just arriving

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

No problem

Our waitress at lunch yesterday committed what I consider a breach of etiquette.

Whenever we thanked her for something - drinks, food, extra napkins - she responded with "No problem."

No, young lady. The proper response is "You're welcome."

Saying "no problem" suggests that we have somehow inconvenienced her and she's forgiving us.

Does this annoy anyone else, or is it just me?

Monday, July 24, 2017

The date is the Zip Code for Brookland, Ark.

The folks at the Brookland Post Office are in a festive mood today because the date coincides with the Brookland Zip Code. They have a special postmark for the occasion, along with cookies and lemonade.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Getting out of the house with the dogs

The most challenging and awkward part of staging our house for viewing by prospective buyers is taking both dogs with us when we leave the house. We spent yesterday with the dogs at Morgan Sallee's house.

We had five showings yesterday and got one unacceptable offer. Got another showing set for this evening.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Sitrep at 72

I woke up this morning (didn't we all?), mildly amused to find that I am now 72 years old.

And living with about half of my stuff and both of my motorcycles 450 road miles away in another state.

We are on the threshold of listing our Arkansas house for sale in what, we are told, is a red-hot seller's market. We have a carpet cleaner scheduled to come this afternoon or evening and anticipate a weekend of frenzied cleaning before we get serious about staging the house and listing it next week.

Our tenants in our Indiana house have been apprised of our intentions and are presumably searching for new accommodations. Since it will take 30 days to close, once we have a buyer, we hope to be back in Indiana in September. Considering that we started hauling stuff north back in January, this has taken way longer than we expected, but then doesn't just about everything?

This project, as I have complained previously, is costing me most of my 2017 riding season, including the BMW RA and BMW MOA national rallies. I'm still holding out hope that I can make the Falling Leaf Rally in Potosi, Mo. on the second weekend of October.

In the meantime, our efforts to sell our commercial building in downtown Jonesboro seem to have stalled out. The logical purchasers appear to have given up because they can't raise the money for a down payment. We had hoped it would sell first and finance our move, and it could still happen, but we have to assume not.

I could complain that I'm too old for this crap, but it doesn't matter and apparently I'm not.

I'm just eager to be done with this project - divested of our Arkansas properties at a modest profit and back in our Indiana house with money to repair a decade of neglect.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Portrait of a ripoff artist

This is George O'Dell, the contractor we trusted to build a two-car, two-motorcycle garage with a second-floor photo studio back in 2007.

He's holding a piece of the $9,000 concrete pad we bought that had to be ripped out because the concrete guys George hired didn't bother to dig proper footers and because it would have gone to pieces if we had stuck a garage and vehicles on top of it. It would have had to be demolished anyway, because George didn't bother to contact Thorntown building officials to learn he was putting the pad too close to the property lines. (The tattoos represent the birth dates of his children. Isn't that darling? What a loving, Christian parent. At least that's what he professed to be.)

The photo was taken on May 3, 2007 - two days after we gave George a check for $14,920 to buy construction materials for the garage. He presumably was going to complete the demolition of the faulty concrete pad and have a good one poured.

George and his crew made their last appearance at our place the next day. On June 28, we hired another contractor to remove the remaining 20 percent or so of the concrete and grade the back yard.

George had told us he used our money to buy our construction materials at Menards. A check with all of the area Menards stores showed that no such transaction took place.

About a month or so after George quit returning our calls, Maria left him a voicemail saying we needed the promised revised garage plans, proof of bonding and insurance and a receipt from Menards for the building materials. Now, a decade later, we're still waiting for a response.

After three months of silence, we filed a complaint with the Consumer Protection Division of the Indiana Attorney General's Office. Several lawyers told us we were guaranteed a victory if we took the matter to court, but that we would never see a dime of restitution. The only way to get leverage on people like George, they said, is to attach the threat of criminal prosecution to the case, which is what happens when the Attorney General gets involved.

Months later, the Consumer Protection Division said they couldn't do anything because there was no history of criminal activity for George.

Maria did a Google search last week and discovered there is plenty of criminal history on him now.

She found that George was convicted in 2015 of eight felonies, including one count of fraud on a financial institution, five counts of forgery and two counts of theft.

According to court documents, O’Dell used someone else’s identity to gain employment with a locally-based property management company. While working for the company, he informed two investors in California that an apartment complex was available for sale.
He had funds sent to him from investors and a subsequent investigation determined the apartment complex was never for sale.

One of the California investors heard through a friend about an investment opportunity with a man named Emmanuel Roddy. The investor said that he never met the man in person and that they only communicated by text message and email.

The investor said he began his business relationship with Roddy, really O’Dell, by buying a house in the 9400 block of Rochelle Street on the Far Eastside of Indianapolis, court documents said. The investor paid more than $10,000 to complete repairs on the home and decided to continue working with the man because the transaction went well.

O’Dell continued to find homes in Indianapolis for the investor to buy, including properties on Sawyer Street and Olney Street, court documents said. In September 2014, the investor wire transferred more than $11,500 into O’Dell’s bank account for the Sawyer Street home, and more than $27,400 was moved into the account for the Olney Street home.

The investor said the sale of the homes was never completed because he was told there were problems with the properties, court documents said. The money the investor wired into the bank account was never returned.

O’Dell then told the investor about an opportunity to become part owner of an Indianapolis apartment complex, Woodview Terrace. O’Dell persuaded the investor to transfer an additional $1,600 into the bank account in December 2014, court documents allege, making his total investment about $40,000.

Before the Woodview Terrace deal, the investor also told a California friend about the home in Indianapolis he bought through O’Dell.
Interested, the second investor started working in a similar fashion with O’Dell, still known only as Roddy. Court documents said he paid O’Dell $13,500 in October 2014 to invest in a home on Boulevard Place. When the deal fell through, the money stayed in O’Dell’s bank account.

When he learned of the Woodview Terrace opportunity, the second investor moved an additional $16,500 into the bank account in November 2014, making his total investment in the property $30,000.

Afterward neither investor was able to contact O’Dell.

The initial investor called Park Place Property Management officials, who informed him that O’Dell, a maintenance worker and contractor, was no longer with the company and that Woodview Terrace was never for sale.

Park Place officials contacted authorities.

A detective learned that on May 12, 2014, O’Dell opened a bank account under Roddy’s name, court documents said. The bank signature card included Roddy’s social security number, another individual’s driver’s license number and an address belonging to O’Dell.

A managing partner for Park Place Property said he first met O’Dell, posing as Roddy, when he rented a property managed by Park Place, court documents said. The managing partner said O’Dell did some repairs on the property that turned out well, so O’Dell was brought on as a contractor.

The managing partner fired O’Dell after he admitted to stealing two checks from the company, court documents said. O’Dell also sent an email to Park Place management admitting that used a company credit card to make personal purchases.

O’Dell was arrested and booked into the Marion County Jail on July 29, 2015. He was charged Aug. 4. He remained in custody on a $50,000 bond until his sentencing three months later.

He was sentenced to three years of home detention and a year of probation.

Monday, July 10, 2017

A visit to the Memphis Apple Store

My 2-year-old iPhone 6 needed a new battery.

I was having to re-charge it multiple times every day. So I contacted Apple and made an appointment for 1:10 p.m. today at the Saddle Creek Apple Store in Germantown, Tenn. - an eastern suburb of Memphis.

After confirming that the battery was, indeed, hosed, the Genius (that's what they call their representatives) gave me a claim slip directing me to return at 2:45 p.m. to pick it up.

I went across the street for a lunch at Wendy's, then sat in my air conditioned car and read a Mark Twain story on my Kindle Paperwhite until the time came to return to the store.

The replacement battery cost me $79 plus tax and I went away a satisfied customer.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

More Bang & Olufsen audio stuff

I'm evaluating the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay P2 wireless speaker for the Amazon Vine Program. It's 5.5 inches long and weighs 7.2 ounces, so you would expect just so-so sound.
But this is a Bang & Olufsen product and their Danish engineers know their stuff. This little speaker delivers big rich sound with characteristic B&O clarity way out of proportion to its diminutive size.
I got it for my wife to use at work. She synced it with her iPhone last night and played several of her favorite songs. She remarked that she was hearing stuff in her music that she never heard before.
That's one of my requirements for an exceptional audio device and Bang & Olufsen never fails to deliver.
She bought a Bose wireless speaker a couple of years ago and the P2 - at about half its size - blows it into the weeds.
At $169, it may seem a bit expensive for a pocket-size Bluetooth speaker, but quality like this doesn't come cheap. I also ordered a hard shell carrying case for it.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Going home to Indiana

Our 10-year Arkansas adventure is drawing to a close.

We made the decision late last year that we want to go home to Indiana. It's where Maria's family is, including her new granddaughter, and most of our friend are in Indiana. And we have a sturdy old 1903 house waiting for us to come back and show it some love.

I swore I'd never do another Indiana winter, but I've decided Arkansas summers are just as painful.

We have tenants who have lived in the house for about eight years and we informed them of our decision yesterday. We're giving them plenty of notice - our Arkansas house isn't on the market yet and it takes 30 days to close, so we won't be needing our house in Thorntown until sometime in August at the earliest. We also pledged to give them a good reference if they apply to rent somewhere else.

A lot of our stuff is already in Indiana in storage and with relatives and we reckon we have one more 5x8-foot U-Haul trailer load before we can stage the house for selling.

We had U-Haul install a trailer hitch on the Lexus RX330 in late February and have made half a dozen trailer runs - one with my two bikes on a motorcycle trailer borrowed from a Jonesboro friend - since then. There have also been a few trailer-less runs with the Lexus or Morgan's Honda stuffed to the gills with boxes.

As a consequence, with so much of our stuff in storage 450 miles away, we're subsisting on just the essentials in household goods and clothing. I'm getting tired of the same old selection of t-shirts and jeans and I'm having serious motorcycle withdrawal. The project has pretty much killed my riding season. I had to pass on the European Riders Rally in Burkesville, Ky. at the end of May and won't be able to ride to Salt Lake City next month for the BMW MOA National Rally. It looks like the Falling Leaf Rally in Potosi, Mo. on the second weekend in October may be my only rally of 2017.

We've busied ourselves making repairs and improvements to get the Arkansas house looking good. I had the mower serviced and new blades installed that result in a much nicer looking lawn. We trimmed low-hanging tree branches that block the view of the house, spruced up the shutters, pressure-washed the exterior, painted the front door an attractive dark blue, replaced the dog-ravaged back door and porch furniture and replaced the broken-down ceiling fan on the porch.

Maria brought home a dry erase white board to list to-do projects and it's helped us both stay on track.

We also have a business property in downtown Jonesboro to sell and are hopeful for good news soon on that front.

The Thorntown house will need about 200 feet of chain link fence to keep the dogs in the back yard, we'll need to build a garage for cars and bikes, and the hot tub will need to be refurbished or replaced. There is plenty to do and now that we've been able to share our plans with our renters, I can report the progress here.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Google finds

Every now and then, I Google my sons to see what turns up. Here are a couple of photos I've not seen before.

Did I ever tell you how proud they make me?

Monday, June 19, 2017

The "A" Paper

Pattie Doty, former News correspondent and Metro North administrative assistant, found these two old-fashion/rocks glasses at a Goodwill store and sent them to me.

My guess is that they date from The News's 100th anniversary in 1969. We always were the "A" paper.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Three Dog Morning

Most mornings these three pups, or some combination of them, come running when Maria opens the garage door to go to work. We hit the trifecta this morning. They are (clockwise from bottom right) Sammie, Joey, and Harper Lee.

We keep a box of dog biscuits handy for them in the garage.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Steve at work

My son Steve hard at work in Las Vegas.

Friday, June 09, 2017


Maria found some planters to add a little color to the front of the house.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

More audio

Meet the Bang & Olufsen BeoSound2 wireless speaker.

I'm sitting here evaluating this phenomenal speaker, listening to the original version of "Who Wrote the Book of Love" by the Monotones and I suddenly flash back to the winter of 1957-58. I'm in the home of seventh-grade classmate Jack Klepinger in Delphi, Ind. and he's playing that 45 rpm record on his older brother's high-end (for the time) hifi system. He's more impressed with the song than I am, but it still sounds pretty damn good on his brother Dick's system.

We couldn't possibly have imagined that one day this recording would be digitized to be played through a cell phone via Bluetooth to a $1,900 Danish speaker. It was monaural then and is still mono on the B&O speaker, but the clarity is simply astounding. No background hiss and pop, just pure pristine music.

This is a quantum leap from the Bose Bluetooth speaker we bought a couple of years ago and even the Bang & Olufsen S3 wireless speaker Amazon sent me about a year ago. I wish it was stereo, but then I'd have to worry about how to position two speakers rather than put one wherever it works best.

Monday, June 05, 2017

Thank you very mulch

Maria and I spent several hours last weekend on landscaping in the front of our house.

We put down 20 forty-pound bags of red mulch and planted an evergreen and a couple of boxwood shrubs and are rather proud of the result.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Absolutely stunning 3D surround sound

This week, I found myself in possession of Sony's new flagship sound bar - the Sony HT-ST5000 7.1.2ch 800W Dolby Atmos Sound Bar (2017 model).

We had an inexpensive home theater setup when we lived in Indiana. It had six speakers - left, center, right, bass reflex and left rear and right rear - all of which were wired to a receiver/amplifier. We really loved it, especially with action movies like Band of Brothers in which we could hear bullets whizzing all around us.

When we moved to our Arkansas home, we never hooked up the rear speakers because I was loathe to run wires through the walls or under the carpet. I thought wistfully of the day when I could buy a wireless speaker system to replicate the surround sound.

It never happened, but this week I received this kick-ass Sony system to review for a major retailer. It was startlingly easy to set up and I had it up and running within an hour of when the freight company delivery guy brought it to our house. I was greatly relieved that it works just fine with our 10-year-old 42" Sharp Aquos LED TV.

The 3D surround sound works even better than our old six-speaker system. I confirmed it by playing the Day of Days episode of Band of Brothers and was excited to hear the same realistic whiz of bullets.

The 3D surround sound uses a couple of speakers mounted in the top of the sound bar that bounce rearward sounds off of the ceiling. You can fine-tune the sound, based on the distance from the sound bar to your seat and the height of your ceiling. The separate bass reflex speaker is wirelessly linked with the sound bar, so the wires and cables are kept to a minimum.

You can also play music through it from your cell phone or other device via Bluetooth and the quality is absolutely stunning.

We bought a Blu-Ray copy of the first Guardians of the Galaxy as an inaugural test movie and the effect was every bit as impressive as watching the movie in a quality theater.

We were streaming the most recent version of The Jungle Book the other night and my wife complained that the dialog was hard to hear. No problem - just press the button on the remote control marked "voice" and the dialog comes to the forefront and is immediately clearer and more understandable.

The system has myriad other features that I have yet to explore, including capabilities for Spotify and Google Home for wireless multi-room home listening.

The price tag - just under $1,500 - may be intimidating, but once you experience the Sony HT-ST5000, you'll understand it's worth the investment.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Good thing I mowed the front yard yesterday

It's been three years since my John Deere LA125 lawn tractor/mower has gone in for service and it's showing some wear.

The guy from Greenway Equipment picked it up this morning and said it will probably come back around the middle of next week.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Happy Birthday, Lisa!

Our gorgeous, brilliant granddaughter Lisa is celebrating her 13th birthday today!

Steve is teaching her to play the bass guitar. If memory serves, this is about the age when Steve took up the bass after playing trumpet for a few years in the Orchard Country Day School orchestra in Indianapolis. Lisa says she has already gotten a couple of blisters on her fingers from practicing.

Here's the uncropped version of the photo with Steve looking very proud and smug.

Friday, May 26, 2017

WTF, Facebook

I woke up this morning to find that I've been suspended from posting on Facebook for 24 hours because of some photos of my Third Reich flag collection that I posted on a WWII collectors' site more than a year ago.

And, of course, the photos - most of them - were deleted.

Seems kinda arbitrary since that's what the site is for.

I guess we know who the real Nazis of today are.