Saturday, June 18, 2011

Telephoto lens coffee mugs!


Somehow I found myself the recipient of a Camera Strap Buddy from It’s a device that screws into the tripod mounting hole on the base of an SLR for use as a strap attachment point. It makes it possible to hang the camera diagonally over your shoulder for easy access, but eliminates the annoying swinging and bobbing you get when you wear it around your neck. I didn’t order it. It just showed up in my mailbox last week.

I finally got around to visiting the web site this evening and was stunned to see these insanely cool coffee mugs made to look like Nikon and Canon lenses. The longer Nikon is $30 and the Canon is $24. Looks like the ultimate coffee mug for a photographer. Click on the image to see the details.


Totsie said...

I've been wanting this since Christmas! Also, I was looking into the Black Rapid shoulder straps recently. Expensive, but the bouncing from a neck strap is even more annoying (and embarrassingly apparent to all) if you're a girl. :/

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