Thursday, April 16, 2015

Doing the to-do list

lampThis is half of a pair of table lamps that I inherited from my parents.

They date from the late 1950s or early ‘60s, so they’re easily a half-century old. The lamps, a couple of leather-topped end tables, a coffee table and a round table – all matching and from my parents’ living room in Delphi, Ind. – make up the bulk of our living room furniture.

I know Maria would rather have new furniture and lamps more to her taste, but there are other demands on our cash flow that come before furniture.

Over the course of the years, the three-way switches on both lamps have fatigued from daily use. The one that lives on my side of the couch crapped out about six weeks ago and I repaired it with a switch from Ace Hardware.

The switch on the lamp that sits on Maria’s side of the couch flickered and died this week, so my to-do list this morning included picking up a replacement switch and installing it, which I did, as evidenced by the photo.

We had some brass lamps that came from a friend’s parents’ house and we used them in our Thorntown home, but they were thrown away or given to someone in connection with our move to Arkansas seven and a half years ago.

My to-do list also included getting a couple of little plastic bear-shaped bottles of honey for my milk-honey-cinnamon nightcap and a cartridge of black ink for my Canon Maxify printer/copier/scanner/fax because it ran out of ink while printing copies of the new lease for our Thorntown tenant.

The honey was easy, the ink was not.

The kid at Office Max/Office Depot (they’ve merged, you know) searched diligently for a PGI-1200 cartridge and came up empty. So I followed my first impulse and ordered one from

Two out of three isn’t bad.

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