Saturday, April 18, 2015

A new life for Tucker

morgan tucker vet

Tucker, the red Australian cattle dog, is officially a member of Morgan and Samantha’s pack.

Morgan has been looking for a companion dog for Sam for several months and wistfully wishing she could have Tucker, ever since he and Sam struck up a friendship at our house.

Tucker, who will be a year old in May, came to live with our neighbor Chris and his wife in their house down the hill from us in late January. He became a frequent visitor to the outside of Jack and Dora’s chain link enclosure and he and Dora spent hours chasing each other around the perimeter.

Tucker became a neighborhood favorite and got treats and pets at several of the houses around here.

But he didn’t back down from an unprovoked attack by a cranky Chihuahua-Dachshund mix – an encounter that prompted Chris to install buried electronic fence around his property.

The problem was that Tucker associated the electric shock with Chris rather than the fence. His response was either to run away from home for extended periods or to hide from Chris under their back deck.

Chris and his wife came to us last evening to say they were ready to give Tucker up. We had made it clear over the last few months that Morgan would love to have him if things didn’t work out for them.

So Morgan came up and took custody of Tucker, his igloo dog house, bag of food and some toys and took him home to play with Sam and have a well-needed bath.

We all accompanied Tucker to the vet’s office this morning where he got checked out and got his shots. He’s scheduled to be neutered on Tuesday – something I realize is probably a good idea but can’t feel happy about.

After the vet visit, we had lunch on the outdoor patio at Chik-fil-A and Tucker was the perfect gentleman, sitting attentively at Morgan’s feet.

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