Tuesday, March 10, 2015

We’ll know more later

h8 paneraAnother reason to love the Bang & Olufsen H8 bluetooth headphones, I have discovered, is how well the active noise cancelling (ANC) blocks out the mindless jabbering of people around me here at Panera.

I know it sounds rude, but I don’t want to know what other diners have to say. About anything.

I meant to work out yesterday but didn’t make it. So I made up for it this afternoon.

The ice and snow are gone and the Mud Season has begun. Among other things, this means it is now possible to ride a motorcycle out of our subdivision.

But the weather forecast and the lack of Indy folks going to Daytona is killing my enthusiasm for Bike Week.

I sent my friend in Tampa a text message this afternoon, saying, “Travel plans on hold. Will know more later.”

The second sentence is a quote from our former managing editor who once wrote it in a memo, not noticing how ridiculous it was.

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