Monday, March 16, 2015

Scenes from Sam’s Club

sam cam

I went to Sam’s Club this afternoon to get a prescription refilled and found myself with about 15 minutes to kill.

So I strolled around the store looking for stuff to photograph with my iPhone camera.

The best shot, I think anyway, was of the monitor showing feeds from ten high-res security cameras.

ipad for feebsI also noticed a magazine called iPad For Seniors and wondered what special instructions they think people over 55 need, considering that most of us have been using smartphones for a few years.

I didn’t pick it up so I don’t know if the print is extra large and repeats itself.

As a bona fide senior citizen who will turn 70 this year, I feel a little insulted that somebody thought we need their patronizing special publication.

And a sure sign that spring is upon us and summer will be here before we know it is the disappearance of 40-pound bags of ice-melting salt and the appearance of 40-pound bags of pool salt in its place.

I suspect that the pool salt is a little more refined than the melting stuff. I would hate to think it’s the same stuff in a different package.

pool salt

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