Monday, March 02, 2015

Bringing Dorothy home

sewing machine guyWe picked up Maria’s latest antique sewing machine acquisition from Jonesboro Sewing & Vacuum on Saturday and it looks great.

They cleaned it up, replaced some parts and the case that was falling apart for a very reasonable charge.

Here’s what Maria wrote about it on Facebook:

Dorothy just came home after the check-up she needed after a productive life on a dairy farm in Brookland, AR.

She is named after her first owner and has new belts and rubber parts, and a new foot pedal and wiring. She weighs at least 50 pounds because she has cast iron parts, and I threw my back out taking her in for service. Now I'm in physical therapy and only my husband lifts her, but Dorothy and I will make a nice quilt when I can sit at her for a bit.

I think she made a lot of clothes and probably curtains and aprons and anything else her family needed since 1953.

Dorothy Head was her only owner. She and her husband owned and operated the Head Dairy on Pine Log Road for 30 years. She was also an active 4-H club leader and the first woman to receive the Honorary Chapter Farmer Award from the Brookland FFA. I'm honored the family would entrust me with her sewing machine.

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