Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Watching my travel plans evaporate

weather god

The forecast calls for another freezing rain/sleet/snow apocalypse late tomorrow and early Thursday, which could encase our driveway and subdivision streets with ice.

That would make it impossible to ride a motorcycle out of here to head for Daytona and Bike Week, which begins on Friday. So, once again, I seem to be watching another Bike Week slip away.

The long-range forecast calls for temperatures to warm into the low 50s by the middle of next week, but it appears I would be riding into a rainy spell in Florida. Plus, it looks like all of my Indy BMW Club friends will be trapped in Indiana by weather even more severe than what I face.

Maybe the wiser choice would be to pass on Bike Week and plan to ride down to my Indianapolis News compadre Skip Hess’s house in suburban Tampa later in the month when we are supposed to experience a warming trend.

And yes, I realize they have it much worse in Boston.

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