Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sorry, I had to say it

hillary slime

My son Steve opined several years ago that my blog would be more interesting if I avoided political rants.

It was good advice and I have tried to follow it.

But the current unraveling of the Clinton mythology has moved me to comment.

Folks here in Arkansas are proud of the Clintons. Maria’s former boss went to high school with Bill and fancies himself a friend of Clinton. Bless his heart, as we say in the South.

There is a Good Old Boy attitude here when it comes to Clinton foibles, especially stuff like the Monica Lewinsky affair where Bill’s propensity for womanizing is almost seen as a virtue.

Fortunately for all of us, this willingness to excuse borderline – or even criminal – behavior does not seem to include Hillary.

As this cartoon reminds us, there is a very long list of scandalous behavior attached to Hillary that even has liberals jumping ship. That the liberal New York Times broke the most recent email story is particularly telling.

The news media that still refuses to vet President Obama is starting to pile onto Hillary, making it seem likely that her political career is over. Maybe it’s because we’re all just tired of her or maybe it’s actually based on the facts of her recklessness, but either way I think she is a spent political force.

She has been the presumptive Democrat nominee for president for a decade, even though Obama handily denied her the nomination in 2008. Now the Democrats will have to look elsewhere. Given their hatred of America, Elizabeth Warren is their logical choice for 2016. She’s female, she’s a serial liar and she’s a communist. What could possibly go wrong?

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