Friday, March 13, 2015

Still my favorite

w&gI still love my Willis & Geiger Diaplex pullover.

It is the most versatile cold/cool weather garment I’ve ever owned.

It’s the ideal combination of windstopper and fleece.

Too bad Willis & Geiger went out of business in 1999. Good for me that I found out in time to buy a bunch of W&G clothes at a significantly reduced rate.

Willis & Geiger was a major outfitter of expeditions and outdoorsmen for nearly a century before they fell on hard times and were bought in 1980 by Lands End.

Poor marketing and corporate greed put the ship on the rocks and Lands End pulled the plug on W&G at the end of the millennium.


Lands End still has some W&G stuff that they sell on their website:

This could be dangerous information for me…

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