Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Moving again

I’ve been thinking about getting back on the treadmill for weeks.

It stood dust-covered in our cluttered garage for months, silently taunting me every time I came and went through the garage.

I’ve been subtly preparing myself to climb aboard for the last few days. Early this week, I put a charge in my iPod mini, but the events of Monday and Tuesday, leading up to the closing on our building, either got in the way or provided a good excuse not to start – you pick, both work for me.

But a new month dawned this morning and it seemed like the perfect time for a new beginning. I strapped on my Suunto Advizor watch/heart monitor, only to discover the battery was dying.

Undaunted, I realized I don’t need heart rate data, so I put my Breitling back on, laced up my Bates boots, ran an extension cord to an outlet in the house (the treadmill doesn’t like outlets with built-in circuit-breakers, which is all we have in the garage), flipped the switch, stepped up and pressed the “start” button.

I figured I’d take it easy, having lost stamina and muscle tone to months of couch potato-ness, but I underestimated the power of good exercising music and found myself bumping the speed up. I ended up covering a mile in about 22 minutes, which is farther and longer than I expected to go.

Now, two hours later, I can still feel the endorphins. I’d forgotten how good it feels to get moving.

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