Saturday, May 04, 2013

Easy Reader


I’ve had the Kindle app on my iPod for years and my iPhone 5 since I got it late last year and I’ve read a few e-books using it.

But it wasn’t the satisfying reading experience I wanted and I knew that, sooner or later, I was going to want a serious dedicated e-reader.

kindle02Maria got a Kindle Fire about a year ago and uses it all the time. She encouraged me to get one too, but I didn’t like the illuminated screen that was hard to see in direct sunlight. (I guess I envisioned myself reading on a beach somewhere.)

I looked at the other Kindle offerings and settled on the $139 Paperwhite with build-in illumination and a claimed battery life of 8 weeks.

It showed up last Tuesday and I bought a Kindle copy of a World War II history by Antony Beevor, an author who’s previous books entertained the hell out of me.

With a 6” diagonal screen (4¾”x3½”), it fits in a 5”x7”x½” case that makes it easier to carry than a conventional paperback book. With the illumination turned off,  it reads just like a piece of paper. With the illumination dialed up, I can read in total darkness.

I think I like it.

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