Monday, May 27, 2013

Welcome to Starbucks!

starbucks001The new Starbucks at 2303 Stadium Blvd. is finally open.

starbucks002 I noticed the “Now Open” sign when I rode past awhile ago on my way to pick up a prescription from the Parker Road Walmart pharmacy and made a mental note to check it out on my way home. One of the baristas said they’ve been open since Friday.

As far as I know, this is the first free-standing Starbucks in town. There are two inside the Mall at Turtle Creek – in Target and at Barnes & Noble.

I wondered if this Starbucks would pose a serious threat to Panera, which is just north. I really don’t think so. It only has indoor seating for about 35 and the outdoor seating will become useless once the heat of summer is upon us. They do have free Wifi (which I’m using right now) and a pleasant ambiance.

My only complaint is with the jarring clatter the baristas are generating as they go about their work. I don’t recall noticing that at a Starbucks before, but there doesn’t seem to be anything acoustically unique about the place.

So I got myself a grande frappuccino, fired up my netbook, logged into the Wifi and here I am.

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