Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Going away, one way or another

del sol clean

It’s time for my 1994 Honda del Sol to go to a new home.

My neighbor has a coworker who is coming to look at it this evening with an eye to buying it for his daughter. I just checked the Kelley Blue Book value online and determined that it’s somewhere between Good and Fair condition, which puts its value between $1,835 and $1,335. I will point this out and offer it for $1,000.

If he doesn’t want it at that price, I’ll donate it to charity where I can deduct at least the Fair condition value on next year’s income tax return.

I cleaned all of my junk out of the cabin and trunk, ran it through a $4 car wash, vacuumed and Armoralled and, other than the blasted out paint job, it looks pretty decent for a 19-year-old car with 228,000 miles on it.

I loved this little car and it was a pleasure to drive. I made a couple of trips to Florida, one to Colorado, another to Long Island, and hundreds of trips around the Midwest in it. It still drives and handles like new.

Hmmmm. Maybe I should keep it. It sure was fun driving down to the carwash with the top off this afternoon…



The guy and his daughter showed up about 6 p.m. and took the car for a spin.

When he asked me what I want for it, I showed him the Kelley Blue Book numbers and said I would be willing to sell for $1,000. Calling it a “northern car” with probably lots of undercarriage rust, he offered me $800 and then asked what my bottom offer was.

I stood fast on $1,000 and they left. He said I could contact him through my neighbor if I change my mind.

I won’t. Truth be told, I prefer the anonymity of donating the car to charity to the knowledge that it’s in the hands of an inexperienced young driver. With its fat tires, it’s extremely treacherous on snow and ice and almost certainly above the skill level of a novice driver.

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