Tuesday, May 07, 2013

BMW throttle friction screw

throttle screw

How many folks know about the throttle friction screw for early K-bikes and airhead BMW motorcycles?

I have one on my '94 K75S and I had one on my '81 R100RS. It can be tightened or loosened to achieve just the right amount of friction to overcome the throttle return spring and keep the throttle from snapping shut when you take your right hand off of the grip.

I was chagrined to discover my '91 K100RS right handgrip assembly was not drilled and tapped for the screw, so I used a Bob's Wrist Rest instead.

Here are the parts numbers, but I don't think any dealers carry them anymore.

  • K bikes:  32-72-1-454-414
  • Airheads:  32-72-1-230-874

I was wrong. Max BMW has the K-bike version for $9.65. http://www.maxbmwmotorcycles.com/fiche/DiagramsMain.aspx?vid=51745

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