Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Second impressions

starbucks again

I’m back at the new Starbucks for a second impression.

It’s still kinda noisy and the baristas are clearly new to the job and acting like spastic puppies. And the cheese Danish isn’t as good as what I can get across the street at Panera.

But I did get a primo parking place for my K1200GT (see photo) and they are doing a pretty brisk business.

I broke out the FirstGear MeshTex jacket this morning after doing some heavy sweating on the bike yesterday afternoon in my German Polizei leather jacket. The difference is dramatic. The MeshTex feels like riding in a t-shirt and is perfect for humid temperatures in the 80s. It lacks the visual impact of the Polizei jacket, but that becomes a secondary concern on a hot day.

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