Tuesday, April 30, 2013


flora bldg 01

We are now officially in the real estate investment business, doing business as Bucksnort Properties LLC.

We closed this afternoon on this 7,000-square-foot office building in downtown Jonesboro. We’re calling it the Flora Building, mostly out of a sense of whimsy.

We drove by the building after dinner this evening and were pleased to see the seller’s Realtor has updated the For Sale signs from “Pending” to “Sold.”

flora bldg 02

Our friend Susan, who has been pretty successful in commercial real estate deals, found this property and decided it was perfect for us.

We checked it out, crunched the numbers, and decided she was probably right.

We have tenants with long-term leases, so the financing went through without The Charles M. Flora Insurance Agency, 111 W. Franklin Street, Delphi, circa 1974. Charles bought the building on the north side of the courthouse square in 1955 and used the first floor for an office until his retirement in the 1970s. The car is John's first car, a Fontana gray 1965 Volkswagen beetle.a hitch.

I still have the white enamel-clad letters that adorned the front of my father’s insurance agency in Delphi until he retired and sold the business in the mid-1970s.

It’s kinda tempting to use five of them to put “FLORA” on the front of the building, but maybe that would be a bit much.

Either way, I think he would have been proud.

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Lauri Shillings said...

Outstanding!!!! Sounds like things are going well in Arkansas. I suppose you could call it anything you want now that it's yours. Use the old lettering. Give it some character!