Friday, April 19, 2013



Our three older Kwanzan cherry trees didn’t bloom last spring and are showing no signs of blooming again this year, even though the one we planted last spring is in full bloom.

Last year was hot and dry, but I think the real problem may be a lack of nutrients in the soil here on Crowley’s Ridge.

It occurred to me earlier this week – probably about six weeks too late – to see if I could perk them up with fertilizer spikes. I had Miracle Grow in mind, but when I got down to Gazaway Ace Hardware, the only spikes they had were Jobe’s. I asked the hardware guy if they were as good as Miracle Grow. He shrugged and offered, “Well, we sell the hell out of them.”

Knowing we had a good soaking rain on the way, I waited until this morning to hammer them into the ground: two each for all four Kwanzan cherry trees, two for last year’s dogwood, and one each for the two lilac bushes.

I bought the spikes for fruit and citrus trees, but I figured the lilacs and dogwood would like them too.

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