Wednesday, April 10, 2013

In the mail today

b&s bowlThis morning’s trip to the post office netted me an original 13” Wallace Westward Ho Boots & Saddle pattern serving bowl.

It was, of course, an Ebay purchase. I say it’s an original because (1) is has the Till Goodan signature at the back of the saddle and (2) it’s not a reproduction made by True West China, which has the license to make items from the now-defunct Wallace Westward Ho patterns.

I have a similar bowl in the Rodeo pattern made by True West that I picked up in a package deal for a bunch of True West stuff.

I’m still waiting for a 13” True West Rodeo platter that I sniped earlier this week for $39.99, compared with the True West catalogue price of $118. I ordinarily avoid buying True West stuff, but original Wallace Westward Ho platters fetch crazy high prices and don’t turn up on Ebay very often.

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