Thursday, March 24, 2011

No, we can’t be friends

I don’t like to think of myself as a vengeful person, but I was scanning the “friends of friends” list on Facebook this morning and was mildly surprised at how many of the suggested people that I don’t want in my friends list.

Mostly, I didn’t know them well enough to want to reestablish contact. But in some cases, I’m still holding a grudge for something they did, usually to one of my friends.

Two guys in particular from my Indianapolis years have requested inclusion in my friends list repeatedly. I clicked the “ignore” button each time and will continue to do so. I consider them to be, as Mark Twain would put it, malignant imbeciles who were promoted well beyond their professional competence and who thwarted the career aspirations of people far more talented than they.

They probably don’t even know who they are or that they have earned my everlasting enmity. So be it.

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Karen said...

Wow this sounds familiar to me! Dealing with a boss right now who has that attitude. Trying to thwart my career as well.ugh