Friday, March 04, 2011

Friday stuff

The vet’s office just called to report that Pete came through his dental cleaning just fine and that I can pick him up in a couple of hours.

I’m always a little concerned about the effects of anesthesia on our dogs and it will be a relief to get him home again.

I shot some video on my ride through Crowley’s Ridge State Park yesterday afternoon and am getting reacquainted with Windows Live Movie Maker. One of the nifty features of the software is that it lets you add music and balance the volume of the music against the volume of the ambient sound on the original video material.

I like the music and visual stuff to match up, so when I determined I needed a song exactly 5 minutes 30 seconds long, I opened up iTunes, clicked on the “time” column and scrolled down to see what songs in my library are 5:30. Turns out there are 22, which gave me a nice variety from which to choose. I picked Montana Banana from the Bluesiana II CD.

The video is uploading to YouTube now and since it’s 1.08G it’s taking a long time. I’ll post it when it’s finished loading.

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