Friday, March 11, 2011

Cell phone bill

I got the cell phone bill today and noticed it was up sharply from last month’s bill.

Austin, who has my old Treo 700p smartphone, racked up $35.76 worth of Sprint Data charges, i.e., Internet access.

He’s been cautioned about that, but I suspect he’s doing something that accesses the Internet without realizing it’s happening. My best guess is that he’s posting stuff to his Facebook page, thinking Sprint will consider it just another text message.

So rather than complain about it, I called Sprint and disabled that feature on his phone.

He’s also seriously into text messaging, which is fine, because our plan allows unlimited texting.

The bill shows 2,350 text messages to and from his phone last month.

I’m the next biggest texter with 33.

That’s right, his text volume is 71 times mine.

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