Friday, March 25, 2011

I’m a Butler fan

Brad Stevens

I quit paying attention to college basketball when the evil Myles Brand fired Bobby Knight from his coaching position at Indiana University 11 years ago.

Except in March, when I study the NCAA Tournament brackets for someone to root for.ato coat of arms

It’s easy this year, since Butler University is carrying the banner for Hoosier basketball at the national level.

And I’m doubly engaged in the outcome now that I know that Butler coach Brad Stevens is my Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity brother. Stevens, who grew up in Zionsville at a time when I was covering the community for The Indianapolis News, went to DePauw University at Greencastle, where he became an ATO.

That’s why I was up late last night watching Stevens coach the Butler Bulldogs to a 61-54 victory over Wisconsin. I was particularly annoyed at half-time when chubby Charles Barkley opined that, even though Butler had done a brilliant job of taking Wisconsin out of their game in the first half, the Bulldogs didn’t have the stamina to play at that level for a full 40 minutes. Therefore, Barkley declared, Wisconsin would rally and win.

In. Your. Face. Charles. Barkley.


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