Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Get to the point

There are a couple of commonly used phrases that, if you give them any thought at all, are desperately stupid and should never be used.

“…will be (going, starting, hosting, traveling, xxxxing…)” Somehow, everyone in public relations and way too many people in the news media think this is an erudite classy way to talk about something that’s going to happen.

No. No. No. Just say, “X will (go, start, host, travel, whatever).” There is absolutely no reason to use such tortured syntax for such a simple concept.

“I’d like to (usually used to thank someone).”

No, moron. Just say “thank you.” When you say, “I’d like to thank…” it implies the desire, but no follow-through.

If you use these phrases, you brand yourself as a dumbass who has no regard for proper word choices.

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