Monday, March 14, 2011

New boots on Monday

The UPS guy brought my new bates bootsBates GX-8 Gore-Tex Composite Safety-toe Boots this morning.

I knew from the UPS tracking site that they were out for delivery today, but it’s rare for the UPS truck to get to our neighborhood before noon.

My Gore-Tex BMW motorcycle boots are about a decade old and are showing their age, so I decided this was the season for new boots. In my experience, dedicated motorcycle boots tend to be overpriced and are seldom comfortable enough to wear all day, every day for two or three weeks.

So I went to the BMW MOA forum and looked for boot ideas. The Bates Gore-Tex boots got good reviews in the forum and also from customers, so I pulled the trigger last week and ordered a pair.

They feel fine after three hours or so of wearing them around the house and I have yet to pull out the stock insoles and replace them with my custom orthotics.

I’ll write more after a get a few miles on them.

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