Friday, October 15, 2010

My new favorite coffee

After years of drinking Folgers extra dark roast, I now have a new favorite home brew coffee - Starbucks Caffè Verona.
We found it in the coffee section at Sam's Club and decided to give it a try since it's a bold dark roast that suits my taste in coffee. Maria doesn't drink coffee, so she has no opinion about it other than she doesn't like it in any form.
I love coffee that tastes like coffee, not that nasty watery stuff you get at IHOP or Cracker Barrel or Denny's. (Kudos to McDonald's for upgrading the quality of their java.)
Here's what Starbucks says about it:
Starbucks' most popular coffee, Caffè Verona® is a versatile, complex blend combining great Latin American and Asia Pacific coffees with a touch of Italian Roast. Great in a coffee press, drip brewer or even as espresso.
Every Starbucks barista receives a pound of coffee each week, and Caffè Verona® has been their favorite for many years.

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