Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My doctor is quitting, thanks to Obamacare

I got a letter from my doctor in Indiana over the weekend, even though he's no longer my physician since our move to Arkansas three years ago.
The gist of the letter is that he's quitting primary care practice because of Obamacare.
"I have not made this choice easily and will miss the opportunities to see you in my office," he wrote.
"In light of recent changes in the healthcare industry and legislation, I have accepted a job that combines both my knowledge as a physician and my experience in the healthcare industry. I feel this new role will enable me to make a greater impact on the quality of care that patients receive, including those in Montgomery County. I will begin in this new role as of Nov. 5."
I can't help but wonder how many other physicians have sent or will send similar letters to their patients since the passage of the Democrats' version of healthcare reform.
I have yet to meet anyone in the medical profession who thinks this headlong charge toward socialism is a good idea.

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