Friday, October 22, 2010

Here’s a story you probably missed

isis Angela Dorian, 66, who had about a three-second spot in my favorite original Star Trek episode, has been charged with attempted murder in the shooting of her boyfriend.
From the New York Daily News:
A one-time Playboy Playmate may be forced to cover up - with a prison uniform.
Angela Dorian, who in 1968 graced the pages of the men's magazine as Playmate of the Year, has been charged with attempted murder, according to TMZ.
Dorian -- whose real name is Victoria Vetri -- was having a spat with her lover when she allegedly shot him in the chest, the gossip website reports.
He was hospitalized and is expected to recover.
The 66-year-old former model, who appeared in several TV shows, such as "Star Trek," "Batman" and "Mission Impossible," was also featured in Playboy in 1967.
TMZ reports the argument between her and her boyfriend may have turned physical, which sparked the shooting.
Bail has reportedly been set at $1 million.
She played Isis, the woman disguised as a cat belonging to Gary Seven in the “Assignment Earth” episode of Star Trek that first aired on March 29, 1968. Isis morphed into Dorian’s form for about three seconds near the end of the episode. Dorian had no lines.
Robert Lansing played an agent from the future sent to Earth in the year 1968 to prevent an accidental nuclear war. Terri Garr played his clueless secretary Roberta Lincoln. The episode had spinoff written all over it and, indeed, there were plans to turn the Gary Seven scenario into a series but it never came to fruition. Robert Lansing, who IMHO was one of the coolest actors of his day, died in 1994 at the age of 66.

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