Monday, September 20, 2010

Working a trade

 Today's mail brought a promised t-shirt from Howard Mudd, a fellow expatriate member of the Indianapolis BMW Club.
Harold is the retired offensive line coach for the Indianapolis Colts, having hung it up after this year's Super Bowl loss to New Orleans.
He had a bunch of t-shirts made up to mark the occasion of his retirement and I think they constituted his entire shirt wardrobe, except for a long-sleeved rally shirt, at the BMW MOA International Rally this summer in Redmond, Ore.
The shirt says "I quit" on the front and "Kiss My Ass, No Forwarding Address" on the back.
Howard thought it was funny as hell that I live between Goobertown and Buck Snort and really lit up when I mentioned that the Goobertown Store sells Goobertown t-shirts. He knew immediately that he had to own one.
So we worked out a trade - a Goobertown shirt for an I Quit shirt.
The only problem is that he requested a 2X in black and those have been out of stock for several weeks. I'm going to drive up to the store this afternoon and see if they finally got his size and color so I can complete the exchange.

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