Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Bike hauling and festivities

 I’m damp and a little chilled, having spent some time in the rain before showing up at Seattle Grind for my late afternoon coffee.
I went to Grass Roots BMW Motorcycles in Cape Girardeau today with my BMW friend Charlie. He had two bikes that needed attention and Maria’s bike had a problem that exceeded my mechanical expertise. We put his R75/5 and Maria’s K75S onto a trailer behind his Toyota FJ and Charlie rode his K100RT sidecar rig while I drove the FJ.
Maria’s bike, as you may recall from earlier posts, needed a new battery and a new starter relay. I could have managed the battery, but the starter relay lives under the gas tank, which trailerbikesinvolves removing the fairing. That’s more than I cared to take on, so off it went to the dealer.
Charlie and Deb brought the FJ and trailer over last evening and we loaded Maria’s bike just before dark, leaving trailer and FJ parked in our yard overnight.
Indianapolis BMW friend Rick Nelson called Saturday from Bull Shoals, Ark. to ask if he could drop by on Monday to do an oil change on his R1200GS. Of course he could.
So we invited our new chiropractor Susan, who arrived shortly after Rick and we made party out of the afternoon, chowing down on barbecue, macaroni and cheese followed by crackers and a big wheel of brie.
We prevailed upon Rick to spend the night in our guest room and use our laundry facilities before he rode off about 8:30 a.m. to work his way east toward next week’s Beemers in the Bluegrass BMW rally near Frankfort, Ky.rickoilchange
The trip to the Cape was uneventful and included lunch at a brewpub overlooking the Mississippi River. We encountered heavy rain and lightning  on I-55 south of New Madrid, Mo. and remained in rain all the way home.
We paused at Mr. T’s Riverside to buy beer. I was surprised and delighted to see they now carry Little Kings Cream Ale, something I thought went extinct years ago. I bought an 8-pack and Charlie picked up a 6-pack of Leinenkugel Oktoberfest.

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