Sunday, September 05, 2010

Start me up

I made this video this afternoon to illustrate to the guys at Grass Roots BMW Motorcycles that my starter button – part of the right combination switch cluster – is still wonky.

The cluster was replaced in early July, but the new starter button soon started displaying the same reluctance to fire on the first push that caused the almost $500 replacement.

Naturally, when I took the bike to Grass Roots soon after returning from my Oregon and points west trip, the techs couldn’t get it to misbehave. Ditto the intermittent failures of the associated right turn signal button and turn signal cancellation button. The later two have functioned perfectly since they fiddled with the connections, leading me to believe they unwittingly firmed up the connections.

However, the starter button continues to work less than 100% of the time.

It fired on the second push for this video.

I’ve emailed the video to Grass Roots for their consideration.

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