Friday, May 22, 2015

Stupid Vine request

pedestal fanIt’s been a few weeks since the Amazon Vine Program offered me anything that piqued (not peaked or peeked) my interest.

But when I checked a few minutes ago I found my offerings included this 30” commercial/industrial pedestal fan that lists for $199.

Why in the world would I want to add a big-assed fan to the clutter in my garage?

I guess it’s the Vine version of an impulse buy.

It gets beastly hot here in the summer months and the ceiling fan on the screened back porch has limited cooling power. I envision pointing this bad boy out on one end of the porch and drawing huge volumes of air through the area on those oppressive days when there is no breeze. I only hope it’s not so loud that we can’t carry on a conversation.

It would also be handy for drawing fresh air through the house, since we almost never open our windows.

And it could speed the drying process after I pressure wash the back porch.

I’m sure Maria will think I’ve lost my mind when this thing shows up, but what the hell? Why not?

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