Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Odd name, great film

We watched “Field of Lost Shoes” last night on Netflix and it resonated with me much more than I expected.
It’s the story of how the cadets at Virginia Military Academy won the Battle of New Market for the Confederates in 1864.
I felt more than a passing connection with the event, since my fraternity – Alpha Tau Omega – was founded at VMI in 1865 by three of the cadets who fought at New Market: Otis Alan Glazebrook, Erskine Mayor Ross, and Alfred Marshall.
They were among the kids who braved Union gunfire and cannon fire, charging and taking a Union artillery battery to the astonishment of Confederate commander Gen. John Breckenridge who reluctantly committed them to combat when other Confederate troops failed to arrive in time for the battle.
The name of the film is taken from the last scene and almost seems like an afterthought.
Well worth your time if you’re interested in the Civil War or examples of uncommon valor.


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