Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Another problem solved

zumo mounted

My weekend travels revealed a glitch in my Garmin Zumo 550’s mapping software.

The first clue came Thursday morning as I approached Interstate 55 on U.S. 412 just south of Hayti, Mo. U.S. 412 becomes I-155 east of I-55 which is where I knew to go. But the Garmin mapping software insisted I should go south on I-55 then take a non-existent exit to I-155 eastbound.

I stayed the course and presently the Zumo recalculated and acknowledged that I was, indeed, on I-155.

Then, on Sunday afternoon as I crossed the Mississippi River on U.S. 412 I asked Garmin to give me the distances to Hayti and Kennett, Mo. as possible gas stops. I got routes that made no sense.

A few minutes later, I re-entered Home as a destination at a time when my ETA was under an hour. It gave me some ridiculous route that took me all the way to Walnut Ridge and back over a period of more than two hours.


At first, I thought water from the heavy rain I rode through an hour earlier had corrupted the circuitry.

I took the GPS off of the bike this afternoon and fiddled with it, coming up with crazy routes and distances from my house to Kennett and Hayti.

Since I’m contemplating a ride west, I downloaded and installed the current maps for the central and western U.S. and now I get routes that make sense.

Much relieved, I’m going downstairs now to return the Zumo to its mount on my K1200GT.

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