Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fan club

We’re official fan club members.
The iLiving (so trendy, and made in China like all of the Apple stuff) 30” commercial pedestal fan arrived this morning. I hope the FedEx driver didn’t hurt himself/herself getting it up onto our porch. (The shipping weight is just under 70 pounds.)
I chose to put it together in the foyer rather, putting off the chore of moving it deeper into the house until later.
Assembly was straighforward and I had it together and ready to run inside of an hour. The only glitch was not recognizing the cosmetic collar that covers the five screws securing the pedestal to the base. It is the only part in the box that is not referenced in the assembly instructions or parts list and I didn’t realize what it was for until I had everything else assembled.
I lifted the upper part of the shaft out of the lower sleeve, dropped the collar down the sleeve and replaced the shaft with only a little awkwardness and sweat.

It has three speeds operated by a chain pull on the rear of the motor. I have no reason to doubt the claimed air velocity of 1,010 feet/minute at 10 feet.

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