Friday, May 08, 2015

Sick Parrots? No, just a wonky iPhone

parrotsThe Parrot Zik 2.0 wireless headphones I received from the Amazon Vine Program on March 27 refused to pair via Bluetooth with my iPhone 5 this morning.

I tried rebooting the phone, removing and replacing the headphones battery, and re-installing the firmware, all to no avail.

I know it's not the iPhone, because it still pairs perfectly with my Bang & Olufsen H8 wireless headphones.

I have requested help from Parrot and got email confirming their receipt of my query and promising a response within 48 hours.

As Indianapolis News Managing Editor Wendell Phillippi used to say, we'll know more later.

LATER: Maria was talking on her cell phone, which has also been paired with the Parrots when I turned the headphones on in the next room to see if I could pair them with my phone. Suddenly her phone connection with her daughter went wonky and she said it looked like her phone was pairing with the Parrots.

Well, well.

So the problem, it seems, was with my iPhone’s Bluetooth software.

I opened the Bluetooth section in Settings and deleted the reference to the Parrots, then took phone and headphones out to my car (to avoid confusion with Maria’s iPhone). I reacquired the Parrot Bluetooth signal and voila, it paired just fine.

What a relief.

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