Thursday, November 13, 2014

They can’t complain about never being photographed


I like to say I had Homer Simpson’s style of parenting, but I did a damn good job of documenting my sons’ lives with photography.

I’ve been sifting through tens of thousands of images on black & white and color negatives and color slides in recent months and as a result, hundreds of previously unseen images are coming to light.

Darkroom printmaking is laborious and time-consuming work, not to mention expensive and demanding a level of skill I never took the time to cultivate. Consequently, lots of images that might have been difficult to print never got the attention they deserved.

My Nikon Coolscan IV transparency scanner and Photoshop changed all that and now I can share more of Sean and Steve’s early days.


Here’s Sean on the kitchen floor at my parents’ house with Snoopy the Humane Society dog eyeing him and my mother loading the dishwasher.


And here’s Steve throwing a ball to me in the back yard of our home at 5009 N. College Ave., in Indianapolis.


This is my mother’s first-year (1964½) Mustang. Sean and Steve took it for a spin when we visited my parents in Delphi, Ind. on Thanksgiving, 1986.

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