Wednesday, November 05, 2014

It’s Shadenfreude and I’m proud of it


Scanning nearly 600 of today’s newspaper front pages on the Newseum web site (, this one jumps out.

The New York Post is known for its lurid front pages and headlines, but this one is such a gleeful expression of schadenfreude (German for “pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others”) that I was naturally drawn to it.

simpsons_nelson_haha2This is the first time in the six years since Obama was elected that I have felt anything approaching hope and optimism for the country’s future.

Emperor Obama will almost certainly try to do as much damage to the republic between now and the end of his term as he possibly can, but one hopes the Republican-controlled House and Senate can promptly counter his vengeful edicts.

At the very least, GOP control of the Senate means Obama can’t replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg with one of his loony tune Marxist cronies, like for instance Eric Holder. Ditto all of his other Federal judge appointments for the next two years. Knowing that the Supreme Court won’t drift further to the left, for the time being anyway, is a huge relief.

Now, let’s bring home that $2 billion that U.S. corporations have sheltered overseas, green-light the Keystone pipeline, clean the vipers out of the IRS, the DOJ, and the VA, and shine a spotlight on the administration’s shameful role in Benghazi. Oh, yeah, and let’s restore the armed forces, secure the borders and smash ISIS.

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