Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Countdown to Kroger


I drove by the new Kroger store location this morning and tried to get a good shot of the countdown clock. Unfortunately, the LED display operates at a frequency that defies complete capture by my iPhone 5.

But you get the idea – 6 days, 9 hours, fifty-something minutes and some seconds until the Nov. 19 Grand Opening.

Why do I care? It appears this will be a huge store with way more variety and services than the old Kroger a block north on Caraway Road. Unfortunately, the universal alcohol sales measure on last week’s ballot failed, so this remains a dry county and there will be no beer and wine department at Kroger for the foreseeable future.

The cold front has reached the Mid-South and the temperature here stands at 37 overcast degrees with no likelihood of reaching the forecast high of 43.

I went to St. Bernards Health & Wellness with the intention of working out, only to discover I failed to put a t-shirt into my gym bag. Since I’ve been feeling chilly all morning, I decided not to waste the trip and I spent a half-hour marinating in the hot tub before showering and heading to Starbucks to cash in an empty coffee bag for a free cup of dark roast.

The Wifi sensor in our garage freezer has been nagging me via iPhone text messages for the last day or two about the worrisome lack of frigidity – 29.1 degrees at the last report – so I’m going to see what I  can do about that this afternoon.

Never a dull moment, eh?

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