Tuesday, November 18, 2014

California dreaming


The temperature was a brisk 19° here this morning and only 30° at 11 a.m., making me yearn for some Big Sur sunshine. The temperature at my favorite restaurant – Nepenthe – is a pleasant 65° right now.

This photo was shot a few miles south of Nepenthe with the Big Creek Bridge in the background in the summer of 1994. (Yikes, that was 20 years ago!)

I’m not sure what the guy with the camera and tripod is aiming at, since he’s looking out on a rather hazy Pacific Ocean.

This turnout on Calif. 1 just south of the Big Creek Bridge is one of my mandatory stopping places whenever I visit the Big Sur coast. I sit on the same big rock and soak in the amazing mix of wildflower fragrances and salty air, doing my best to burn it indelibly into my brain for mornings just like this.

I can’t think of more pleasing vistas and a more agreeable Mediterranean climate than the Big Sur coast.

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