Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Early birthday present for Sean

sean espresso

My son Sean is a recording engineer/record producer/audio genius whose home on Sauvie Island northwest of Portland, Ore. is a rock & roll bed & breakfast where musicians can sleep over and enjoy the pastoral ambiance so conducive to creativity.

His 47th birthday is coming up on Friday and I was trying to think of something to give him. His younger brother Steve turned 44 on Halloween and his gift was easy, since he has a fairly current wish list on Amazon.com.

I enjoy the Mr. Coffee espresso machine that Steve gave me years ago. In fact I enjoy it damn near every morning with a mocha cappuccino.

I figured an espresso machine would be a nice amenity for the r&r b&b, so I arranged for the current version of the Mr. Coffee machine to appear at his home this afternoon and he sent me this photo of it in his kitchen.

Reading the listing on Amazon.com today, I came to the realization that the package does not include a stainless steel frothing cup. I assumed it did because mine did. No problem. Amazon.com says a stainless steel cup will be delivered to Sean on Thursday.

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