Saturday, November 29, 2014

Mug Day at Boscos in Memphis


The Saturday after Thanksgiving is traditionally the day Boscos Mug Club members get new mugs for the coming year and get to take home the current year’s mugs.

Mug Club membership costs $60 a year and gets you your own personal boscos2014anumbered mug that lives above the bar when you’re not using it. You also get reduced prices on the beers from the Boscos microbrewery whenever you visit.

BMW riding friend Charlie Parsons acquainted me with this bistro and its mug club several years ago and I got my fourth mug today.

The Boscos Mug Club became considerably more exclusive this year because all of the other Boscos restaurants in Arkansas and Tennessee have closed.

So here is the 2015 mug – nice but nothing as spectacular as the 2012 mug that had a Mayan calendar theme.

westysOur Mississippi BMW friend William joined us and we had a pleasant lunch.

Afterward, Charlie took me to Westy’s Restaurant and Bar down by the Mississippi River and the Memphis Pyramid, which is taking its own sweet time in becoming the new Bass Pro Shops mothership.

Westy’s is famous for their hot fudge pie, topped with vanilla ice cream. It was stunningly good with a cup of coffee.

I don’t think I will need to eat until Monday.

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