Monday, May 19, 2014


I’ll probably ruffle some feathers here, but I only know of a couple of my high school classmates who look at my blog and they’re not who I’m writing about.

I’m a member of a hometown nostalgia Facebook group and I am absolutely appalled by the borderline illiterate quality of posts being put up by supposed graduates of my high school.

It goes beyond the simple gaffe of trying to form the plural of a noun with an apostrophe, far beyond.

One woman who was in my class can’t write a simple declarative sentence without a spelling or grammatical mistake. Not. One. Sentence.

Another who ought to know better posts so carelessly as to leave out words and suppose that her readers are clairvoyant.

Yes, I realize that I have the advantage, having made a career of putting words together properly. But Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ! Some of these people have the communication skills of a second-grader.


Lonnie G Miller said...

Flo, we are just getting older. What about TV News people and advertising writers who don't use well/good and less/fewer correctly.

Lonnie G Miller said...

See, it should have been "correctly?".