Friday, May 02, 2014

Why is everyone shouting????


I just discovered an interesting phenomenon: When I put in my iPhone earbuds to listen to music at Starbucks, it suddenly sounds like everyone is shouting.

I take them out, and find the ambient sound level is relatively low. I guess the answer is over-the-ear headphones, which I resist carrying because they’re so bulky.


I’m having a free cup of dark roast, purchased with an empty Starbucks Italian Roast bag after a run to the Home Depot for a wallplate for a combination electrical outlet/USB charging port I’m evaluating for the Amazon Vine Program, and a stop at the Sam’s Club pharmacy to pick up a prescription.

We decided the guest bedroom is the best place to put the USB charging outlet as an added amenity for our occasional guests. Maria and I prefer bedside charging for our iPhones, Kindles and iPods. I also remembered a brass reading lamp that’s just gathering dust in our bedroom that might be another nice touch for the guest room. Now all we need is guests.

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