Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Special significance


This is Treva Iddings, putting some of the finishing touches on the Boone County Bicentennial Quilt in June, 1976.

The quilt was the work of scores, maybe hundreds, of Boone County quilters and features a county map on one side with the outlines of each of the townships and significant township and county features.

The reverse, which is what Treva was working on here, is a patchwork of business and organization advertisements along with commemorative family patches.

boocoquilt2Since 1976, the quilt has hung high in the rotunda of the Boone County Courthouse in Lebanon.

Treva, the widow of Lebanon attorney Wendell Iddings, died on July 31, 2007, in Rossville, Ind., at the age of 73.

Can you guess the significance of the Boone County Bicentennial Quilt to Maria and me? Check back on Thursday for the answer.

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