Friday, May 16, 2014

Still angry after nearly 17 years

dadiuThis is my dad on Christmas Eve, 1994.

He was living at St. Elizabeth Health Care Center in Delphi, Ind. at the time. He was in failing health and my mom was no longer able to care for him at home.

Dad was a big Indiana University basketball fan. He thought Bob Knight walked on water, especially after I got Coach Knight to send him special greetings on his 77th birthday in March, 1987 at a time when Knight was preparing the Hoosiers to win the NCAA championship in New Orleans.

I bought him this deluxe I.U. jersey for Christmas in ‘94 and I think he liked it.

Which makes me doubly pissed off because we discovered someone had stolen it when we cleared out dad’s things following his death in November, 1997.

What kind of lowlife dirtbag steals an old man’s jersey, even if they took it after he died?

The experience soured me on the St. Elizabeth facility in Delphi. I’m glad mom didn’t have to be there and could spend her last few months at Hoosier Village in Zionsville.